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Amazon Cloud Training in Noida & Amazon Cloud Training Institute in Noida

Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a best institute which provides Amazon Cloud Training Institute in Noida. Many candidates are pursuing this course through us because here the candidates are trained through professional trainers. So, the candidates who are interested for the course they are required to join our institute so that they can get training completed well.

Here the candidates will not be only trained in this programme but they will be also supported for their placements in different MNCs and industries. Through this program the candidates will get a good chance to develop their skills which could be helpful for the exams and interviews. The trainers of this institute have an experience of more than 7 years in the respected field. They have also trained numerous students as well so far till now.

The class timings are also flexible for the candidates as per their need and we have also started online, regular, weekly, week-end and fast track classes as well. The candidates from any educational background are eligible to get applied for this course.

Course Content and Syllabus for Amazon Cloud Training in Noida

Amazon VPC

  1. What is Amazon VPC?
  2. How to Get Started with Amazon VPC
  3. Create New VPC
  4. Launch an instance (Server) to use this VPC
  5. Security in Your VPC
  6. Networking in Your VPC
  7. Route Tables
  8. Internet Gateways
  9. VPC Peering

Amazon Elasticache

  1. What Is Amazon ElastiCache?
  2. Getting Started (Launch a Cluster )
  3. ElastiCache Terminology and Concepts
  4. Backup and Restore
  5. Clusters Explanation ( Memcached and Redis )
  6. CloudWatch Metrics with ElastiCache
  7. DNS names & underlying IP

Amazon Glacier

  1. What Is Amazon Glacier?
  2. Getting Started
  3. Working with Archives
  4. Access Control

Amazon IAM

  1. What Is IAM?
  2. Security Credentials
  3. Getting Started
  4. How Users Sign In to Your Account
  5. Best Practices and Use Cases
  6. Adding a User
  7. Listing Users
  8. Renaming a User
  9. Deleting a User
  10. Creating Groups
  11. Adding and Removing Users in a Group
  12. Listing Groups
  13. Renaming a Group
  14. Deleting a Group
  15. Roles (Delegation and Federation)
  16. Managing Server Certificates

Amazon Route 53

  1. What Is Amazon Route 53?
  2. DNS Constraints and Behaviors
  3. Getting Started
  4. Configuring Amazon Route 53 as Your DNS Service
  5. Registering a Domain Name and Configuring Amazon Route 53 as the DNS Service

Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)

  1. What Is Amazon S3?
  2. Overview of Amazon S3 and This Guide
  3. Advantages to Amazon S3
  4. Amazon S3 Concepts
  5. Features
  6. Buckets
  7. Access Control
  8. Objects
  9. Deleting Objects
  10. Restoring Objects
  11. Managing Access
  12. Protecting Data
  13. Hosting a Static Website
  14. Notifications

Amazon Auto Scaling

  1. What is Auto Scaling?
  2. Auto Scaling Benefits
  3. How Auto Scaling Works
  4. Setting Up
  5. Planning your Auto Scaling Group
  6. Controlling Access to Your Auto Scaling Resources
  7. Creating Launch Configurations
  8. Creating Your Auto Scaling Groups
  9. Controlling instances
  10. Tagging instances

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

  1. What Is Elastic Load Balancing?
  2. How Elastic Load Balancing Works
  3. Concepts
  4. Create a Basic Load Balancer
  5. Listener Configurations

Amazon Cloudfront

  1. What Is Amazon Cloudfront?
  2. How Cloudfront Delivers Content
  3. Getting Started
  4. Working with Distributions
  5. Working with Web Distributions
  6. Working with RTMP Distributions
  7. Working with Objects
  8. Request and Response Behaviour
  9. Serving Private Content through Cloudfront
  10. Using an HTTPS Connection to Access Your Objects

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

  1. What Is Amazon EC2?
  2. Regions and Availability Zones
  3. Root Device Volume
  4. Getting Started
  5. Amazon Machine Images
  6. Instances
  7. On demand Instances
  8. Spot Instances
  9. Reserved Instances
  10. Importing and Exporting Instances
  11. Monitoring
  12. Network and Security
  13. Security Groups
  14. Controlling Access
  15. Instance IP Addressing
  16. Elastic IP Addresses
  17. Elastic Network Interfaces
  18. Resources and Tags
  19. Stop, start, restart, terminate Your Instance

Amazon EBS

  1. Amazon EBS
  2. Features of Amazon EBS
  3. EBS Volumes
  4. EBS Snapshots
  5. EBS Encryption
  6. EBS Performance
  7. Instance Store
  8. Instance Store Usage Scenarios
  9. Adding Instance Store Volumes to an AMI

Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)

  1. What Is Amazon RDS?
  2. Amazon RDS Components
  3. Getting Started
  4. DB Instances
  5. Back Up and Restore
  6. DB Instance Replication
  7. Security: Using IAM to Manage Access to Amazon RDS Resources
  8. Amazon RDS Security Groups
  9. Limits
  10. Managing MySql Database server
  11. Deleting a DB Instance
  12. Rebooting a DB Instance
  13. Working with Reserved DB Instances
  14. Monitoring
  15. Database Log Files

Why to join Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd for Amazon Cloud Training in Noida:

  1. 100% Placement Assurance
  2. Flexible Timings for the candidates
  3. Small batch size
  4. Materials will be provided and Router and Switches will be provided
  5. Excellent Lab Facility is available
  6. Amazon Cloud course materials and interview question will be provided
  7. Practical Guidance by the staffs
  8. Life Time Support will be provided
  9. Hands free Experience on live projects
  10. Model Interview questions will be provided
  11. Mock interview will be conducted
  12. Regular assignments and Amazon Cloud Training real time tasks will be provided

Techavera Trainer's Profile for Amazon Cloud Training in Noida

  1. Has worked on multiple real times Advanced Amazon Cloud projects
  2. Working in a top MNC company in India
  3. More than 6+ Years of experience in Amazon Cloud Training
  4. Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
  5. Trained 2000+ Students so far
  6. Certified Professionals
  7. All are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies

Techavera’s Placement Guarantee

  1. It has provided placement to the students which provides 100% placement assistance
  2. It helps the students in the creation of resume as per current industry norms.
  3. It also conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, GD (Group Discussion), Mock Interviews,      Presentation skills to prepare students for face to face interview challenges with ease.
  4. It prepare the students to get placed in top IT Firms like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and many other MNCs.


Amazon Cloud Training Noida Reviews

Amazon Cloud Training Noida
Reviewed by
Hi this is Deepika from Noida, recently, I joined the Techavera Noida to pursue my Amazon Cloud training from Techavera Noida found this is best place for IT courses trainers are up-to-date in the subject and supported.

4.9/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
4.9 out of 5 based on 85 ratings

Amazon Cloud Training Noida
Reviewed by
Alok Yadav
Hello My name is Alok Yadav recently I have completed my Amazon Cloud training Techavera Noida here trainers and management staff is supportive I am working in an MNC All because of their good training thanks to Techavera team

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings

Amazon Cloud Training Noida
Reviewed by
Rohit Sharma
Hello My name is Rohit Sharma from Noida I joined for Amazon Cloud training at Techavera Noida the way of the their training is easiest and fastest, from Techavera Noida trainers are up-to date and well qualified

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings