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SAP PLM Training in Noida & SAP PLM Training Institute in Noida

Techavera Noida experientially renders the Best PLM Training in Noida which is extensively based on the on-going job-oriented standards, that thoroughly helps the trainees to secure their dream job at the most desired MNC’s. In such a digitalized world, Techavera is one of the Best SAP-PLM Training Institutes in Noida which is generally offering a wide array of SAP-PLM training, development, and placement services in no time in the best possible manner.

Techavera’s ISO 9001:2008 certified SAP-PLM Training Center Noida, initially incorporated in the year of 2013, and is rated as one of the top-notch SAP-PLM companies in India. Admirably, the SAP-PLM trainers with more than 6 years of experience in sorting the real-time SAP-PLM queries, hurdles or issues, at techavera, make an effort to deliver an excellent level of training in the best possible manner. Techavera is a conglomerate IT firm which aggregates more than 250 IT or non-IT courses of more than 36 vendors from the most admired IT organizations including the Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Salesforce, or SAP. Undoubtedly, the techavera has an official curriculum continuum of these vendors and along with that merge it with the SAP-PLM Course Content of our trainers’ course.

We, at Techavera’s Best SAP-PLM Training Institute Noida, always dedicated to provide the quality of training services to our trainees. In the training industry, the constant quest for the top-class quality of training services have enabled the techavera to sustain the leadership in its major lines of training business online or offline. Techavera has been stand out the best training institute from others.

A strong, one-size-fits-all approach, training services, here, at techavera, are exclusively based on the job-oriented trends, standards, or requirements, the IT aspirants come with a goal to obtain the top-class quality of training, development, or placement services within the shortest possible time frame. Once the trainee finished it SAP-PLM course then trainee can take the ISO certificate anytime from the institute. All these facilities including the development, training, and placement , the trainees can get in SAP-PLM Training Institute Noida in a one-stop way. To get the detailed information about the SAP-PLM Training Course Content, you need to give a damn at the context which is mentioned below.


  1. Areas:
    • Program and also project management
    • Life-Cycle Data Management
    • Life-Cycle Collaboration
    • Enterprise asset management
    • Quality management
    • Environment, Health & Safety
  2. Document Management Functions:
    • Using the document info record
    • Object links to other SAP R/3 objects
    • Managing original files
    • Storage of Original files in secure areas
    • CAD-integration
    • Document distribution
    • Customizing
    • Internet Scenarios
  3. Configuring, maintaining and also using the system to classify objects:
    • Characteristics maintenance
    • Class maintenance
    • Object classification
    • Options for using the classification system to find objects
    • Class hierarchies and also characteristic inheritance
    • Object dependencies in classification
    • Customizing, including maintaining class types and also classifiable object types
    • Applications of classification
  4. Complex Plant Maintenance projects (such as shutdowns or revisions) Enterprise Asset Management
    • Course Content Planning & also budgeting Scheduling & capacity planning
    • Execution Response to changes Completion and also analysis Notes
  5. Plant Maintenance in Enterprise Asset Management and also SAP solution Portfolio
    • Organization of Plant Maintenance
    • Technical objects
    • Breakdown maintenance
    • Corrective maintenance
    • Spare parts
    • Preventive maintenance (maintenance plan)
    • Project-oriented maintenance (short overview)
    • Work clearance management (short overview)
    • Mobile solutions (short overview)
    • Reporting and analysis
  6. Structuring and also Managing Technical Objects
    • Structuring of Functional Locations
    • Using, Classifying and Customizing Equipment
    • Usage of Maintenance Bills of Materials
    • Customizing for Bills of Material
    • Working with and also customizing Serial Numbers
    • Measuring Points and also Counters
    • Object Services
    • Partners and Addresses
    • Status Management
    • Warranties
  7. Schedule Work and also Maintenance Planning
    • Task List ManagemZZuling (Time-Based)
    • Maintenance Planning with Strategy: Performance-Based
    • Maintaining Plan Scheduling (Performance-Based)
    • Maintenance Planning with Cycles of Different Dimensions
    • Maintenance-Plan-Based Sales of Services
    • Condition-Based Maintenance
    • Maintenance-Plan-Based Test Equipment Management
  1. Customizing settings for Maintenance Processing
    • User Interface: SAP GUI, also Enterprise Portal, Mobile Solutions
    • Notification Category and Type
    • Configuration of the Notification Interface
    • Priorities, Field Selection and also Object Information
    • Catalogs and Catalog Profiles
    • Setting up an Order Type, also Work Center, Capacity Planning
    • Scheduling, Permits, also Workflows, Printing
    • Material Availability Check
    • Completion Confirmation
    • CATS
  2. Integration between Maintenance Order Processes and also Financial and Management Accounting
    • Cost flow in the maintenance process (estimated costs, also planned costs, actual costs)
    • Period end closing process for maintenance orders including settlement
    • Budgeting and also cost planning (individual budgets, maintenance projects, investments, maintenance budgets)
    • Plant Maintenance Information System (info structure, update)
    • Key figures and queries in Business Information Warehouse (BW) relevant to Plant Maintenance
  3. Work Clearance Management:
    • Overview of Work Clearance Management
    • Asset Structuring
    • Work Clearance Management Architecture
    • Approval and also Permit Process
    • Lockout / Tagout Process
    • Integration of WCM with Maintenance Processing
    • Further functions
    • Customizing


  1. sap-plm Training in Noida is especially aimed to aid the trainees so as to provide the best sap-plm coaching in Noida in no time in the comprehensive, concrete, and interactive manner.
  2. The sap-plm coaching Noida is exclusively designed to beat the current IT market.
  3. The sap-plm trainers are well-equipped with the technical skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Techavera’s sap-plm coaching Institute Noida offers the excellent services ranging from the IT training to development to the placement services.
  5. The trainee would have the simplistic training modules so as to comprehend the concept in an effective manner.
  6. Facilitator of the sap-plm coaching Institute Noida always tries to provide all kinds of technical requirements which need to be availed in order to fulfill all the real-time essentials
  7. Highly conducive-cum-charging environment one can have in the ambience of the TECHAVERA.
  8. The working professionals or corporate clientele can put up their queries to our corporate faculty.
  9. 24x7 lab facilities, the trainees are completely free to access the lab illimitably.
  10. The smart sap-plm classes Noida are excitingly equipped with the digital pads, Wi-Fi connectivity, live racks, and projectors. The sap-plm classes Noida are customizable as per candidate’s desired timing.
  11. The smart labs are equipped with the hi-fi equipments, and high-end tools.
  12. The trainees can opt for the major, minor, or online live projects as per their convenience and ease.
  13. The sap-plm Courses are an efficacious source of learning as these contain the well-defined number of course modules which are specially designed with the help of communicative, pictorial charts, graphs, and diagrams. The sap-plm Courses’ content is combined, merged with the leading industry vendors.
  14. A greater source of assistance in today’s cognitive era.
  15. An ease of accessibility as the fastest the metro station conveyance is all-available in front of the techavera institute.
  16. The training fee affordability.
  17. sap-plm coaching Noida, at techavera, is the most suitable spot to visit as the metro station is right in front of the techavera institute. For those who are living at the distant place will find the sap-plm center Noida as the most suitable spot.
  18. Manageability as every single department such as HR, accounting, lab, training classes, management or lots more is anonymously systematized.
  19. The trainees can have the silent/discussion zone as per their desire and ease.
  20. Extra time slots (E.T.S) for practicals are absolutely free.
  21. There are a number of payment options that one can go for—cash, credit, cheque, debit card, and net banking.


  1. The trainers, at Techavera’s SAP-PLM training institute Noida, have the long-served and hands-on experience in the technical field.
  2. Get the expert consultation at your finger tips.
  3. The trainers are highly certified, qualified, and proficient experts who have 8+ experiences in the technical domain.
  4. Get the smart consultation within a least possible time frame.
  5. The trainers have worked in the well-known companies like IBM, HCL, Birla, sapient, Agilent technology, TCS.
  6. They are quite connectible with the hiring HRs of the multinational companies.


  1. Techavera is the Best SAP-PLM Training Center Noida, and is providing a wide array of placement services in different part of the world in the shortest possible time.
  2. Techavera assists the jobseekers to improvise/update their resume just to meet the current standard of the market in the best possible manner.
  3. Placement trainers conduct the PDS (personality development sessions) to the jobseekers so as to get the desired job shortly.
  4. Techavera has been dedicatedly placing its students in the reputed IT-firms like TCS, HCL, IBM, sapient, or Birla.


SAP PLM training in Noida Reviews

SAP PLM training in Noida
Reviewed by
Hi This is Karan Singh from Noida I have done SAP-PLM course from techavera Noida and completion of my training course they placed me in their tie-company..Big thanks to Techavera management

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

SAP PLM training in Noida
Reviewed by
Hello This Sonali from Noida I have completed My SAP-PLM course from techavera solution techavera provided best SAP-PLM and helped to get the placement as I completed my per my experience techavera is good institute for SAP-PLM training ..Sonali Khan Noida

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

SAP PLM training in Noida
Reviewed by
Hi this Kamal from Noida i completed my SAP-PLM course from techavera after completion course they provided me placement Big thanks to this help Kamal Noida

4.5/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

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