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Ethical Hacking Training in Noida & Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Noida

Ethical Hacking provides the skills such as Describe Footprinting, Scanning, and Enumeration, Hacking Web servers and Web applications, DoS, SQL injection, Buffer overflow attacks, Cryptography, Wireless hacking, Linux Hacking, Countermeasures etc. With these skills the candidates can get jobs in most reputed companies and industries.

The candidates who are looking for Ethical hacking course and training programmes they are required to choose the best institute in the market and that can be Techavera solutions Pvt. Ltd as it has trained more than 2000 candidates successfully who are now working as professionals in their field of Ethical hacking. The trainers are corporate trainers who are well qualified in their respective subjects and they have also performed, handled and worked on various real time projects.

Our institute also offers various courses for the candidates and placements for each course. The class timings of the candidates can be adjusted as per their need. We provide online and offline training classes as on regular, weekly, week end and fast track basis. The additional details such as course and syllabus details are also mentioned under; the candidates are required to check it as soon as possible.

Course Content and Syllabus for Ethical Hacking Training in Noida

An OverView Of Ethical Hacking

  1. Ethical Hacking Syllabus
  2. Information Intelligence
  3. Information Intelligence
  4. Organize Your Information
  5. Google/Bing Hacking.
  6. Hunting and Profiling People
  7. Gathering Email Accounts Sub domains/host
  8. Who is Lookup?
  9. OS Info Hunting
  10. Uptime Info Hunting
  11. Web server Info Hunting
  12. Trace route Target IP Address
  13. TCP Port Scanning
  14. TCP SYN Port Scanning
  15. TCP ACK Firewall Scanning
  16. Finding Live Hosts
  17. UDP Sweeping and Probing
  18. Database Enumerating
  19. MySQL Server Enumerating
  20. DNS Enumerating
  21. SNMP Enumerating
  22. Password Attacks
  23. Advanced Web Server Fingerprinting
  24. Advanced Web Application Fingerprinting
  25. Advanced Web Application Firewall Fingerprinting
  26. Advanced OS Fingerprinting
  27. Attacking DHCP Servers
  28. Writing Virus Codes
  29. Writing Advance Backdoors for Windows
  30. Attacking Network Switches
  31. Attacking FTP Servers
  32. Advanced Social Engineering Attacks
  33. Advanced Cross Site Scripting attacks
  34. From Reflected XSS to Reverse Shell
  35. From Stored XSS to Reverse Shell
  36. Advanced File Handling Attacks
  37. From File Upload to Reverse Shell
  38. From Remote File Inclusion to Reverse Shell
  39. From Local File Inclusion to Reverse Shell
  40. From SQL Injection to Reverse Shell
  41. Advanced CSRF Attacks
  42. Session Hijacking Attacks
  43. Advanced System Command Injection Attack
  44. Sniffing Network Passwords
  45. Sniffing HTTP Passwords
  46. Sniffing Ftp and Telnet Passwords
  47. Advanced Sniffing
  48. Sniffing Facebook Cookies
  49. Advanced SSL Sniffing
  50. Advanced Network Attacks
  51. From Man in the Middle Attack to Full Network
  52. Advanced Mobile Hacking Tactics
  53. Attacking WEP Protected 802.11 Networks
  54. Attacking WPA/WPA2 Protected 802.11 Networks
  55. Attacking Apache Web Server
  56. Attacking IIS Web Server
  57. Buffer Overflow Attacks
  58. Advanced State full Packet Inspection Firewall Evasion and Bypassing
  59. Advanced Antivirus Detection Evasion and Bypassing
  60. Advanced Windows User Access Control (UAC) Evasion and Bypassing
  61. Advanced Firewall Outbound/Inbound Rules Evasion and Bypassing
  62. Vulnerability Vs Penetration Testing

Why to join Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd for Ethical Hacking Training in Noida:

  1. 100% Placement Assurance
  2. Flexible Timings for the candidates
  3. Small batch size
  4. Materials will be provided and Router and Switches will be provided
  5. Excellent Lab Facility is available
  6. Ethical Hacking course materials and interview question will be provided
  7. Practical Guidance by the staffs
  8. Life Time Support will be provided
  9. Hands free Experience on live projects
  10. Model Interview questions will be provided
  11. Mock interview will be conducted
  12. Regular assignments and Ethical Hacking Training real time tasks will be provided

Techavera Trainer's Profile for Ethical Hacking Training in Noida

  1. Has worked on multiple real times Advanced Ethical Hacking projects
  2. Working in a top MNC company in India
  3. More than 6+ Years of experience in Ethical Hacking Training
  4. Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
  5. Trained 2000+ Students so far
  6. Certified Professionals
  7. All are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies

Techavera’s Placement Guarantee

  1. It has provided placement to the students which provides 100% placement assistance
  2. It helps the students in the creation of resume as per current industry norms.
  3. It also conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, GD (Group Discussion), Mock Interviews,      Presentation skills to prepare students for face to face interview challenges with ease.
  4. It prepare the students to get placed in top IT Firms like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and many other MNCs.


Ethical Hacking Training Noida Reviews

Ethical Hacking Training Noida
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Deepali chawla
Hello This is Deepali chawla from Noida I just joined Ethical Hacking training from Techavera Noida I feel this the best place for ASP.NET training in Noida as here trainers subject expert an d supportive

4.9/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
4.9 out of 5 based on 85 ratings

Ethical Hacking Training Noida
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Rohit Sharma
Hello My name is Rohit Sharma from Noida I joined for Ethical Hacking training at Techavera Noida the way of the their training is easiest and fastest, At Techavera Noida trainers are up-to date and well qualified

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
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Ethical Hacking Training Noida
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Rupal Singh
HI is this Rupal Singh from Noida I am perusing Ethical Hacking training at TECHAVERA Noida this is best place for ARM Microcontroller training trainers are very supportive and the way of their teaching is easiest and fastest,

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4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings