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ETL-Testing Training in Noida & ETL-Testing Training Institute in Noida

One of the best institutes in Noida for ETL is Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd and it has maintained it reputation by providing training and placements to the candidates. Our trainers have trained all most 1500 candidates successfully. The candidates who have been trained from Techavera Noida they are well working in MNCs and industries.

Through this course the candidates will be able to learn about Oracle Basics & Concepts, Introduction of ETL-Extract, Transform, Load, ETL TOOLS and Diff Types of ETL Tools, SDLC vs STLC, Testing Concepts, White box Testing, ETL Tool and Testing. The course for ETL Training Institutes has been designed as per the latest terms and norms of the market so that it can be helpful to the candidates for their placements and trainings.

The Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd has also started online, weekly, week end and regular classes for the candidates. The candidates training timings can be also adjusted as per their ease and comfortability.

Course Content and Syllabus for ETL-Testing Training in Noida

Oracle Basics & Concepts

  1. DBMS
  2. RDBMS
  3. DBMS vs RDBMS
  4. Why Database Required
  5. Different types of databases and difference
  7. PL/SQL Basics
  8. Oracle Architecture
  9. Difference Between Database and Files
  10. OLTP
  14. Basic Admin Activities
  16. TABLES
  17. SQL ,Sub Queries, Correlated Sub Query
  18. Inner Query, Outer Query
  19. Functions And Types And Importance
  20. Joins And Different Types
  21. Views N Materialized Views
  22. Index
  23. Constraints
  24. Referential Integrity
  25. Partitioning
  26. Performance Tuning
  27. Different Types of Techniques
  28. Database Schema

DWH Concepts

  1. What Is DWH? Why We Require That?
  2. DWH Architecture
  3. Data Mart And Types
  4. DM vs DWH
  5. Data Cleaning
  6. Data Scrubbing
  7. Data Masking
  8. Normalization
  9. ODS
  10. STG AREA
  11. DSS
  12. Difference Between OLTP vs ODS,OLAP vs DSS
  13. Dimension Modelling
  14. Dimensions
  15. Facts
  16. Aggregates
  17. DWH Schema Designing
  18. Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Galaxy Schema, Fcs
  19. Slowly Changing Dimensions
  20. SCD Type1,Type2,Type3
  21. Initial Load
  22. Incremental Load
  23. Full Load
  24. CDC- change data capture

ETL Testing Concepts

  1. Introduction of ETL-Extract, Transform, Load
  2. ETL Tools and Different Types of ETL Tools
  3. ETL Architecture
  4. ETL Testing and Why We Require
  5. Different ETL Tools Architectures
  6. SDLC and Methods/Models
  7. STLC and Methods/Models
  8. SDLC vs STLC
  9. Reverse Engineering
  10. QC(Quality Center and BugZilla)
  11. Roles and Responsibilities
  12. Minus, Duplicate, Count, Intersection
  13. Detect Defects
  14. Defects Logging and Reporting
  15. How to prepare Queries very quickly with the help of mapping
  16. Performance Tuning and Performance Testing, Report Testing, UI Testing
  17. Quality and different standards that tester should follow, Why?
  18. Test plan Preparation
  19. Test cases Preparation
  20. Preparation of Test data
  21. Process Of ETL Testing

Testing Concepts

  1. White box Testing
  2. Black box Testing
  3. Gray Box Testing
  4. Regression Testing
  5. Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing
  6. User Testing
  7. Unit testing
  8. Integration testing
  9. Module testing
  10. System testing
  11. UAT

ETL Tool and Testing

  1. Data Extract
  2. Data Transform
  3. Data Load
  4. Import Source
  5. Import Target
  6. Mappings, Maplets
  7. Workflows, Worklets
  8. Transformations, Functionalities, Rules and Techniques
  9. Import and Export
  10. Coping and Rules
  11. Queries Preparation based on Transformations
  12. Importance of ETL Testing
  13. Creating of Mappings, Sessions, Workflows
  14. Running of Mappings, Sessions, Workflows
  15. Analyzing of Mappings, Sessions, Workflows
  16. Tasks and Types


  1. Testing scenarios, creation of test cases and scripts
  2. Test case execution and defect tracking and reporting
  3. Preparation of Test data
  4. Practice ETL Testing with Real Time Scenarios and FAQ’s

Why to join Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd for ETL-Testing Training in Noida:

  1. 100% Placement Assurance
  2. Flexible Timings for the candidates
  3. Small batch size
  4. Materials will be provided and Router and Switches will be provided
  5. Excellent Lab Facility is available
  6. ETL-Testing course materials and interview question will be provided
  7. Practical Guidance by the staffs
  8. Life Time Support will be provided
  9. Hands free Experience on live projects
  10. Model Interview questions will be provided
  11. Mock interview will be conducted
  12. Regular assignments and ETL-Testing Training real time tasks will be provided

Techavera Trainer's Profile for ETL-Testing Training in Noida

  1. Has worked on multiple real times Advanced ETL-Testing projects
  2. Working in a top MNC company in India
  3. More than 6+ Years of experience in ETL-Testing Training
  4. Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
  5. Trained 2000+ Students so far
  6. Certified Professionals
  7. All are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies

Techavera’s Placement Guarantee

  1. It has provided placement to the students which provides 100% placement assistance
  2. It helps the students in the creation of resume as per current industry norms.
  3. It also conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, GD (Group Discussion), Mock Interviews,      Presentation skills to prepare students for face to face interview challenges with ease.
  4. It prepare the students to get placed in top IT Firms like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and many other MNCs.


ETL Testing Training Noida Reviews

ETL Testing Training Noida
Reviewed by
Prayank gupta
Hi friend this prayank gupta I have taken training for ETL Testing training at Techavera Noida here I got training from Auto CAD experts the way of their teaching was really good because of their help I could find the job

4.9/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
4.9 out of 5 based on 85 ratings

ETL Testing Training Noida
Reviewed by
Aradhana gupta
Hi friend this is Aradhana gupta from Noida I just join the Techavera Noida for ETL Testing training at Techavera Noida here you get a brilliant atmosphere for study and trainers are truly subject expert

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings

ETL Testing Training Noida
Reviewed by
Rupali Singh
HI friend this is Rupali Singh recently I have completed my ETL Testing training at techavera Noida here teachers are very supportive and well qualified I could place in good company due their quality traning I wanna say thanks to Techavera management

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings