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Perl Training in Noida & Perl Training Institute in Noida

Perl Training Course,Best Perl Training Institute in Noida 4.4 out of 5 based on 402 students ratings.

offers the best Perl training in Noida. With experienced Perl professionals/trainers, who will help students to learn Perl by making it a lightweight to the corporate standards that will help students to be prepare for the goal? We at TECHAVERA, the best institute for Perl Training in Noida help students to learn Perl with the help of live base projects. It is one of the most credible Perl Training Institute in Noida offering hands on practical knowledge and full time job assistance with both basic and advanced training courses in the top most MNCs.

At TECHAVERA, we help students to understand the fundamental and advanced concept of Perl, we prepare them for a successful career. We have successfully trained thousands of students in Noida and have been able to turn ourselves into an institute for the best Perl Training Institute for Perl . At TECHAVERA Perl Training in Noida is conducted by professionals with years of experience in managing real time Perl projects. TECHAVERA offers Perl Training in various different modes i.e. Perl Online Training, Classroom Training, Perl Corporate Training, Fast Track Training and one-to-one training. Our experiences professions have designed our Perl Training syllabus to match with the real world requirements and leading Industry norms.

TECHAVERA implements a sweet blend of a Perl learning program and practical sessions to give our students optimum exposure that aids in transformation of students into a professionals. With world-class infrastructure and latest facilities, we are the best institute in Noida for Perl . We prepare thousands of students for the Perl Classes in Noida at reasonable fees that is designed as per the student needs.

Our Perl Training syllabus basics of the Overview of Perl, data types, variables, scalars, arrays, hashes, conditional statements, loops, operators, date and time, packages, objects and classes, tied variables, installing a perl module, introduction to perl, tk programming, Perl training in Noida on real time projects along with Perl Placement Training in Noida.

Begin your career by taking Perl classes in Noida with certified professional with 10+ years of experience in real industry. Our Professionals are subject specialists and are up-to-date in the subject they have the ability to deliver the best knowledge as they have continued to spend time in the Industry so far. They are well connected with MNCs by hiring Human Resource managers for providing the placement as soon as possible. Our professionals will help student/ understudies to develop the ability of current industry norms and standards to get the success for their dream job.

While there are a number of institutes offering Perl Training in Noida, TECHAVERA is one of the best Perl training institute in Noida with 100% placement support. We have a decent record for placing our students and have been placed in many IT firms and progressive start-up organizations. Our course is designed for beginners and give hands on practice where students can focus on solving Perl concepts easily. We have managed to stay in the top position. Our motto is to focus on creating a learning environment with comparatively less fees, tough well-defined course structures, well equipped Training labs, world-class infrastructure that overall helps students for a better learning. TECHAVERA is the leader in placing students in the top MNCs.

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Course Content and Syllabus for Perl Training in Noida

  1. Introduction
  2. Environment
  3. Syntax Overview
  4. Data Types
  5. Variables
  6. Scalars
  7. Arrays
  8. Hashes
  9. Conditional Statements
  10. Loops
  11. Operators
  12. Date and Time


  1. Review of Packages
  2. BEGIN and END Blocks
  3. Symbol Tables
  4. Package Variables
  5. Calling Package Subroutines
  6. Importing Package Symbols
  7. Exporting Package Symbols
  8. Using the Exporter Package
  9. The use Function
  10. AUTOLOAD and @ISA
  11. AutoLoader and SelfLoader

Objects and Classes

  1. Object-Oriented Stuff
  2. Making Perl Object-Oriented
  3. References
  4. The bless Function
  5. So, What's a Blessed Thing Good For?
  6. Calling Class and Object Methods
  7. Object Methods
  8. Writing Classes
  9. Constructors
  10. Inheritance
  11. What Perl Doesn't Do

Tied Variables

  1. Why Use tie?
  2. Tying a Scalar
  3. Inside Tied Variables
  4. untie
  5. Tying an Array
  6. Tying Hashes
  7. Tie::Hash and Tie::Array
  8. Tying Filehandles
  9. What Are DBM, NDBM, GDBM, SDBM, etc?
  10. Using the DBM Modules
  11. Installing and Using Perl Modules
  12. Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris
  13. CPAN
  14. Using Modules

Installing a Perl Module

  1. Unpacking the Module Source
  2. The Configuration Step
  3. The Build Step
  4. The Test Step
  5. The Install Step
  6. Using
  7. Using Module Documentation

Introduction to DBI/DBD

  1. The Old Way - DBPerls
  2. A Better Way - DBI/DBD
  3. Database Programming
  4. Handles
  5. Connecting to the Database
  6. Creating a SQL Query
  7. Getting the Results
  8. Updating Database Data
  9. Transaction Management
  10. Finishing Up

DBI/DBD SQL Programming

  1. Error Checking in DBI
  2. Getting Connected
  3. Drivers
  4. Using Parameterized Statements
  5. Statement Handle Attributes
  6. Other Handle Attributes
  7. Column Binding
  8. The do Method
  9. BLOBs and LONGs and Such
  10. Installing DBI Drivers

Introduction to Perl/Tk

  1. Tcl, Tk, Tcl/Tk, Tkperl, Perl/Tk, etc.
  2. Perl/Tk
  3. Creating a Perl/Tk Application
  4. GUI Programming Overview
  5. Adding Widgets
  6. Scrolled Widgets
  7. Configuring Widgets
  8. Menus
  9. More Fun with Menus
  10. Using FileSelect

Perl/Tk Programming

  1. Tk::Error and Tk::ErrorDialog
  2. Configuring Widgets
  3. Geometry Management
  4. Geometry Management with grid()
  5. The Frame Widget
  6. Defining Widget Callbacks
  7. Bindings
  8. Nonblocking I/O with fileevent()
  9. Tags
  10. Other Widgets
  11. Other Tk Commands
  12. Getting Tk
  13. Extending Perl with C/C++

Perl/Tk Programming

  1. Overview of Perl5 XSUBs
  2. Get Started with h2xs
  3. Set up the Perl Wrapper Class
  4. Write the XS Code
  5. The XS File
  6. Write Some Test Code
  7. What Do You Want?
  8. Returning Values on the Stack
  9. A Walk Through an XSUB
  10. Arguments to XSUBs
  11. Other h2xs Options
  12. Embedding the Perl Interpreter
  13. Why Embed Perl?

Extending the Perl Interpreter

  1. perlmain.c
  2. Perl Data Types
  3. Macros and Functions
  4. Manipulating Scalars
  5. Memory Management
  6. Script Space
  7. Evaluating Perl Expressions
  8. Dynamic Loading
  9. Multiple Perl Interpreters

Embedding Perl in a C Program

  1. Distributing Modules
  2. Get Started with h2xs
  3. Files Created by h2xs
  4. Unit Testing and
  5. Versions
  6. POD
  7. POD Translators
  8. Cutting a Distribution
  9. Other Niceties
  10. Makefile.PL

Embedding Perl in a C Program

  1. Think First
  2. Object-Oriented Design
  3. Object-Oriented Development
  4. Library Modules
  5. Utility Programs
  6. Filters
  7. Performance
  8. Timing with Benchmark


  1. Perl-Training in Noida is especially aimed to aid the trainees so as to provide the best Perl coaching in Noida in no time in the comprehensive, concrete, and interactive manner.
  2. The Perl-training in Noida is exclusively designed to beat the current IT market.
  3. The Perl trainers are well-equipped with the technical skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Techavera’s Perl-Training Institute in Noida offers the excellent services ranging from the IT training to development to the placement services.
  5. The trainee would have the simplistic training modules so as to comprehend the concept in an effective manner.
  6. Facilitator of the Perl-Training Institute in Noida always tries to provide all kinds of technical requirements which need to be availed in order to fulfill all the real-time essentials
  7. Highly conducive-cum-charging environment one can have in the ambience of the TECHAVERA.
  8. The working professionals or corporate clientele can put up their queries to our corporate faculty.
  9. 24x7 lab facilities, the trainees are completely free to access the lab illimitably.
  10. The smart Perl classes in Noida are excitingly equipped with the digital pads, Wi-Fi connectivity, live racks, and projectors. The Perl classes in Noida are customizable as per candidate’s desired timing.
  11. The smart labs are equipped with the hi-fi equipments, and high-end tools.
  12. The trainees can opt for the major, minor, or online live projects as per their convenience and ease.
  13. The Perl Courses are an efficacious source of learning as these contain the well-defined number of course modules which are specially designed with the help of communicative, pictorial charts, graphs, and diagrams. The Perl Courses’ content is combined, merged with the leading industry vendors.
  14. A greater source of assistance in today’s cognitive era.
  15. An ease of accessibility as the fastest the metro station conveyance is all-available in front of the techavera institute.
  16. The training fee affordability.
  17. Perl Tutoring Noida, at techavera, is the most suitable spot to visit as the metro station is right in front of the techavera institute. For those who are living at the distant place will find the Perl tutoring Noida as the most suitable spot.
  18. Manageability as every single department such as HR, accounting, lab, training classes, management or lots more is anonymously systematized.
  19. The trainees can have the silent/discussion zone as per their desire and ease.
  20. Extra time slots (E.T.S) for practicals are absolutely free.
  21. There are a number of payment options that one can go for—cash, credit, cheque, debit card, and net banking.


  1. The trainers, at Techavera’s Perl coaching institute in Noida, have the long-served and hands-on experience in the technical field.
  2. Get the expert consultation at your finger tips.
  3. The trainers are highly certified, qualified, and proficient experts who have 8+ experiences in the technical domain.
  4. Get the smart consultation within a least possible time frame.
  5. The trainers have worked in the well-known companies like IBM, HCL, Birla, sapient, Agilent technology, TCS.
  6. They are quite connectible with the hiring HRs of the multinational companies.


  1. Techavera is the Best Perl Tutoring Center in Noida, and is providing a wide array of placement services in different part of the world in the shortest possible time.
  2. Techavera assists the jobseekers to improvise/update their resume just to meet the current standard of the market in the best possible manner.
  3. Placement trainers conduct the PDS (personality development sessions) to the jobseekers so as to get the desired job shortly.
  4. Techavera has been dedicatedly placing its students in the reputed IT-firms like TCS, HCL, IBM, sapient, or Birla.


Perl Training Noida Reviews

Perl Training Noida
Reviewed by
Ankit Parihar
THIS is Ankit Parihar from Noida I completed my Perl training course at Techavera Noida I wanna say to Techavera training staff enabled me get job , great place for study

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

Perl Training Noida
Reviewed by
This Rohan from Noida i joined Techavera of Noida to pursue my Perl training course the way their teaching is good and made me to understand each and every concept.

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

Perl Training Noida
Reviewed by
Hi I am Suman I have completed my Perl training course from Techavera and got the in Good job I would like to say thank you to Techavera training and placement team for their great help ,here is a great environment to learn something,

4.5/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

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