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UNIX Training in Noida & UNIX Training Institute in Noida

UNIX is a multitasking and multiuser computer operating system which was developed in the year 1970 by Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan, Douglas McIlroy, KEN Thompson and Joe Ossanna at Bell Labs. It is generally written in C and assembly languages. It is available only in English. The website is

The aspirants may learn the skills for The Unix kernel, Basic file handling, The UNIX file system, navigating the file system, Basic functions. So, the candidates interested for the training they are required to visit Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd to pursue their trainings. It is one of the most reputed and best training institutes for UNIX in Noida as we stand 3rd in Noida for UNIX Training Institutes. We not only provide training to the candidates but also facilitate placements. We have hired the trainers who are professionals for this course because they are aware about the changes in technologies and courses and syllabus which helps the candidates a lot.

The candidates of Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd are placed in most reputed companies as HCL Technologies, Birlasoft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies etc after completing their training. Our institute provides both training and placements for their candidates within their training. The trainers of our institutes are experienced in their respective field and sector for more than 7 years. We provide small size batches for the candidates so that they can interact with trainers easily and they can understand and learn the courses.

So, the candidates want to complete UNIX Training they are invited from one of the best training institute in Noida that is Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Here, on the page below, the candidates will get the details such as course content and syllabus.

Course Content and Syllabus for UNIX Training in Noida

Introduction to the UNIX Operating System

  1. A brief history of UNIX
  2. The UNIX kernel
  3. The UNIX file system
  4. Getting started navigating the file system
  5. The file system structure
  6. Directories and files
  7. Pathnames
  8. Navigating the file system

Basic Commands

  1. Command line syntax
  2. Basic file handling commands
  3. Directory handling commands
  4. Filename wildcard characters

Redirection and Pipes

  1. Input redirection
  2. Output redirection
  3. Pipes

Introduction to vi Editor

  1. Overview of the vi editor
  2. Basic functionsBasic functions
  3. Switching to input mode
  4. Other useful commands

Searching and Replacing Text

  1. Replacing text
  2. Using the vi editor
  3. Using sed for search and replace
  4. Searching for text with grep
  5. Linking files

Recalling and Editing Commands

  1. Overview
  2. The bash shell
  3. The korn shell

File Permissions and Access Control

  1. Users and user groups
  2. File access permissions
  3. Changing file attributes
  4. Switching users and user groups
  5. Linking files


  1. What is a process?
  2. Monitoring processes
  3. Killing processes
  4. Background processes
  5. Job Control
  6. Grouping commands

More Basic Commands

  1. The wc (word count) command
  2. The find command
  3. The cut command
  4. The sort command
  5. The finger command

The User Environment

  1. Customising the .profile or .bash_profile
  2. Customising the .kshrc or .bashrc

Why to join Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd for UNIX Training in Noida:

  1. 100% Placement Assurance
  2. Flexible Timings for the candidates
  3. Small batch size
  4. Materials will be provided and Router and Switches will be provided
  5. Excellent Lab Facility is available
  6. UNIX course materials and interview question will be provided
  7. Practical Guidance by the staffs
  8. Life Time Support will be provided
  9. Hands free Experience on live projects
  10. Model Interview questions will be provided
  11. Mock interview will be conducted
  12. Regular assignments and UNIX Training real time tasks will be provided

Techavera Trainer's Profile for UNIX Training in Noida

  1. Has worked on multiple real times Advanced UNIX projects
  2. Working in a top MNC company in India
  3. More than 6+ Years of experience in UNIX Training
  4. Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
  5. Trained 2000+ Students so far
  6. Certified Professionals
  7. All are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies

Techavera’s Placement Guarantee

  1. It has provided placement to the students which provides 100% placement assistance
  2. It helps the students in the creation of resume as per current industry norms.
  3. It also conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, GD (Group Discussion), Mock Interviews,      Presentation skills to prepare students for face to face interview challenges with ease.
  4. It prepare the students to get placed in top IT Firms like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and many other MNCs.


UNIX Training Noida Reviews

UNIX Training Noida
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Hello I am Rohit I recently joined Techavera for my UNIX training in Noida now feel that I have taken a right decision as Techavera is quality training and support to achieve my career goal

4.9/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
4.9 out of 5 based on 85 ratings

UNIX Training Noida
Reviewed by
Hi this is the Sammit Roy from Noida recently I completed My UNIX training in Noida. Techavera provided me quality training and subject knowledge and assist me get my dream job I say thanks to Techavera management for their excellent work

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings

UNIX Training Noida
Reviewed by
Hi friends this Kuldeep Singh from Noida having UNIX training in Noida. I feel that this is the best place for core php as Techavera has subject and professional trainers. And training is based on current industry standards. I rate it very good of the institute

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good
4.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings